Liturgical Ministry Sign-up:

Please submit one form for each ministry you are willing to serve.

Those who serve should meet a level of maturity needed for the service they wish to do; parents are entrusted to determine that the maturity level of their children meets that needed for their service.

Mass Times - Choose one or as many as you are willing to serve:

All ministries are scheduled on an individual basis. Families wishing to be scheduled together should check the “Family Prefers Serving Together” button above. This will add the preference that family members signed up for that ministry will be scheduled together. An additional option is that one member of the family sign up for the ministry, and the other family members can assist when that member is scheduled. Keep in mind that each individual who signs up will be depended upon to be there to serve when scheduled—if it would be easier for your family for only one or two people to be scheduled, and the family can work together to serve, take that into account when deciding who should sign up. We can always make adjustments if you find that your preferences are not working for your family.