Uniform Policy 

School Apparel Guidelines

All students are expected to dress in the properly fitting, approved school uniform each day unless notice to the contrary is issued. In addition to meeting the guidelines set forth below.

Shirts must be tucked into pants, capris, shorts, or skorts. Pants must be worn on the waistline. Shorts and skorts must be the appropriate length (past the fingertips). When a student comes to school and is not dressed in the required uniform, the school will either get replacement clothes from storage or call the parents/guardians of the child and require that appropriate apparel be brought for him/her to change into.

Out of Apparel days will be designated by the principal or pastor. When there is an Out of Apparel Day Day students may wear appropriate clothing of their choice. Pants and shirts must fit appropriately. Length of skirts should be taken into consideration. No Spaghetti Straps or Muscle t shirts.



Khaki or Navy Skorts.


White , Grey or Navy Pique Polo Shirts with plain knit collars.  NO visible labels.

White, Grey, or Navy Cardigan Sweaters.

Khaki or Navy Pleated or Flat Front Slacks or Shorts. There does not have to be back pockets on pants and shorts. Fabric must be stain resistant and wrinkle free.


  • NO denim or corduroy fabric 

  • NO flare pant legs 

  • NO low riders

  • NO cargo pants

School uniforms must be purchased from the school uniform section of whatever store you choose.

School Sweatshirts—Approved embroidered school logo sweatshirts will be available to order at the beginning of the school year; however, St. Pius sweatshirts purchased in previous years will also be allowed. Sweatshirts MUST be worn over an approved apparel shirt. ONLY St. Pius X school sweatshirts will be allowed to be worn in school!

Undershirts—If you need/want to wear an undershirt, it must be a plain white, navy, black, or gray T-shirt with short/long sleeves.

Hosiery—Plain dark or white socks; plain, no patterned, dark or white footed tights (legging or footless tights are not acceptable).  SOCKS MUST BE WORN.

Hair —  Hair color must be a natural shade (black, brown, blonde, etc.)  Students may not stripe their hair, wear feathers, have glitter in, or do anything else that will cause a distraction in the classroom.

Shoes—For your child’s safety, properly fitting tennis shoes are required for students at all times. Tennis shoes must be tied or closed so that they are not slipping off the students feet.  Snow boots are for outside wear (Tennis shoes need to be brought to change into).

Makeup—Makeup will not be allowed except for special approved days.

Earrings—Studded earrings only. Students may wear a religious necklace.

Athletes—On approved game days, athletes and cheerleaders in grades 7 and 8 are allowed to wear their  team jersey shirt, issued t shirt for the sport, or uniform top. There will NOT be dress up days for athletes.

Band/Music Festivals—Band shirts or navy tops and khaki bottoms will be required for the performance.  Students will be told ahead of time which tops should be worn.

Picture Day—Students’/parents’ choice of appropriate clothing can be worn for picture day. (please be mindful that we are a Catholic school and modesty is ALWAYS the best policy)

The principal will make the final decision on dress code issues.  All clothing must be properly fitting on regular and out of apparel days.  Jeans may not have tears, holes, or frays in order to be acceptable for school.  Special attention must be paid to how tight clothing is on a student’s body.  Girls and Boys must wear clothing that maintains the modesty that is appropriate for a Catholic School.

Non-school apparel/ Jeans days will be designated by the principal.